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Training undergraduate students

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    I want to train my undergraduate students on how to use the FG-COMPASS? I have 20 students and a small gym as location.


    Here are some suggestions:

    Break students into groups and assign them to several stations. Each station would test a few skills (see suggestion below). Give them some time to prepare (study the protocols and choose who will 1) administer the test, 2) demonstrate the skills, 3) videotape performances (or assess live)

    Then, start with Station 1. Whoever is not responsible for Station 1, will act as students and perform the skills. Keep moving forward, to the next station.

    Station 1:
    Skills: Throw, Kick
    Equipment: 4- to 5-inch square beanbag; basket; floor tape; 8-inch nerf ball

    Station 2
    Skills: Dribble, Catch, Strike
    Equipment: Plastic bat; nerf baseball; floor tape; 4-inch (5-7 year-olds) / 8-inch (8-10 year-olds) nerf ball; S/M basketball ; stopwatch;

    Station 3:
    Skills: Hop, Skip, Gallop
    Equipment: Plastic cones; floor tape

    Station 4
    Skills: Horizontal Jump, Vertical Jump
    Equipment: Floor tape

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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