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The FG-COMPASS is a criterion-related (process-oriented) assessment tool intended to assess fundamental movement skill proficiency levels of children 5-10 years of age. Although test users may videotape performances for later assessment, the FG-COMPASS was developed to assess skill performance live, in situ.

For the time being, professionals can use the paper-and-pencil version of the test, which is available for download here. Soon, we will release a mobile version (iOS and Android) of the test, which will streamline assessment practices, thus enabling teachers and practitioners to easily collect, monitor, analyze, and report student’s results. This will allow assessment practices in fundamental movement skill (FMS) performance to be more easily integrated into the instructional process. 

This instrument is unique in that it uses only three performance criteria to test skill proficiency of fundamental movement skill tasks. Other assessment instruments that assess the qualitative aspects of fundamental movement skill performance use between 3 and 6 performance criteria in their measurement. This usually requires videotaping student’s performance for further analysis.

One advantage of using an easy-to-use observational instrument is that it saves time. Further, practitioners can conduct assessments on a regular basis. This can be particularly helpful if the goal is to detect potential problems regarding fundamental movement skill development.

Why Assess FMS?

Teachers and practitioners working with younger children should conduct regular assessments to gather evidence about the student’s level of achievement in fundamental movement skill (FMS) development. Data gathered on FMS performance can be used to: identify students who are in need of intervention; plan instruction, and evaluate changes over time of individual students or a group of students.

Simplicity = Efficiency

Because the FG-COMPASS is comprised of only 3 performance criteria per skill, the examiner can quickly and efficiently assess several students within a short period of time.

No More Checklists!

Because the FG-COMPASS can run on tablets and/or smartphones, there is no need to write the results down. Data are stored electronically, which allows teachers to easily track students’ results and/or generate individual or group reports.

Aligned with NASPE Standards

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education has been addressing the issue of the amount of time devoted to assessment in Physical Education and advocating for initiatives that include assessments as an integral part of instruction.


Ovande Furtado Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, California State University – Northridge, Northridge, CA.

Jere D. Gallagher, Ph.D. (In Memoriam – August 20, 2019)
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.